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07-02-11, 10:18 PM
So I'm only 2 hours into this game, and already I've seen 3 fully nude sex scenes, decapitation, disembowelmebt, and one quest where I had to get a hooker to distract a guard by sucking his dick in the shrubs. And this is 3 hours into the game.

I'm not bothered by it. I think it's a rather truthful portrayal of life in the middle ages. But how is it all the Jack Thompson nuts are not up in arms over this? I'm mean this is about 20x worse than that lame ass hot coffee mod for GTA that everyone **** a brick over.

07-02-11, 10:41 PM
Maybe because it has a M rating and the devs are from Europe. Thompson had a vendetta against Rockstar it seemed.

07-02-11, 10:43 PM
Wasn't GTA M too?

07-02-11, 10:48 PM
I'm not sure. The video game hate has seemed to have died down. CA was trying to pass a law prohibiting M rated games but it got turned down.

Also, the MMO, Age of Conan, had really scantily dressed women and lots of gore. Decapitations, blood spraying, arms, legs getting chopped off, etc. Really bloody. Nobody said anything that I can remember. They also just relaunched the game and uncensored it, so I think nudity is in.

07-02-11, 11:13 PM
this isn't scantily clad women. This is fully nude women performing various sexual acts.

07-02-11, 11:26 PM
PC games tend to fly in under the radar of guys like Thompson. On a whole though, he's been keeping a low profile.

The game was censored for AU, but the day it came out it was modded back in. CDProjekt made it easy. They essentially made the censored version, then modded it to the retail release (two dzips were added to add some extra options to a few quests). All I had to do was drop the 2 dzips into my CookedPC folder and it's now the International release.

The sex is early in the game, later on there isn't much of it at all. Far less than the first game.

07-04-11, 03:36 AM
... On a whole though, he's been keeping a low profile.

Yeah. Cause he got disbarred. :p

Seriously. He did it to himself. He filed so many frivolous suits that the judge disbarred him and was practically held in contempt.

Anyone remember the whole Mass Effect alien sex scandal with Fox News? At least the the chick redid her initial review after watching someone play for more than an hour or so.

In b4 gay sechs in Mass Effect 3... with Kinect support.

....and I'm not kidding.

07-05-11, 01:55 AM
But you can shout orders at your guys! It's the future. Screw indepth gameplay and a decent story. Aliens come to earth, we blast them with heavy weapons and shout at allies. ::lol::

07-05-11, 02:55 AM
Did you see the demo of Kinect with Mass Effect 3? OMG... :retard:

"Garrus! Take point while I patch up Liara! UNF UNF UNF!" :D

The thing that irks me is that there's major graphical issues already in ME3 and hopefully they'll fix it. I mean, I picked it up right off the bat and it annoyed the hell out of me. But seeing how far along they are with the development makes me think they'll just pass it off just like they did with their games in the past.

I even got into a "discussion" with one of the retarded employees on their own forums and called him out. The more he spoke, the more he made him and his whole company look like total dumbasses. Long story short, he said it would take MULTIPLE GIGABYTE PATCH to fix Garrus in Mass Effect.

Then can someone explain to me why someone else was able to fix it with a 661 KB patch? LOL.

Let's not forget how Mike Laidlaw or Chris Priestly (one of those asses) said that the retail version of Dragon Age 2 will ship with the High-res texture pack included on the DVD? Or how one of their employees purposely wrote positive reviews of their game on Metacritic? At least Laidlaw admitted to the game being utter crap and fessed up, finally.

I seriously hope Star Wars:The Old Republic crashes and burns and shuts down Bioware for good. Everything they've done is just so horrible now.

And for those of you that haven't seen the awesomeness that is SW:ToR, I present you with these awesome vids...

Here is the infamous 29:30 footage. (Warning: Language and loud sound in the video!)

LOL. Just LOL.


07-05-11, 07:23 AM
Wasn't there some court ruling recently saying that games fell under the whole 1st amendment of the constitution and had the same rights as movies with adult ratings and couldn't be censored? I think I recall something like that.

anyways, I haven't played witcher 2 more than 5 minutes but I'll say to date, God of war 3 was pretty raunchy with the whole lesbian sex scene and tons of gore but I didn't really mind. Gutting a minotaur was just plain awesome I must say though :D Oh and the whole ripping Apollo's head off scene http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v212/fastredponycar/forums/smilies/drool25.jpg

07-05-11, 10:04 AM
the re-release of age of conan didn't change any of the half nudity or gore. same as before.
however they did add separate slots for your armor so you can wear something different ontop of what you are actually using, or just activate the slots with nothing in them and you run around in your undies. I've seen a lot of that for a few days now.

It's a nice new much needed feature though as there are some very good looking armors in the game.