View Full Version : 3DTV Play windowed mode? (emulators, etc)

07-06-11, 03:35 PM
Hi all,

Been following you for years literary (ever since I had an 8800 GTX) but never registered (actually I can't quite remember registering, but my nickname gamekill seems taken already, couldn't register it today?). I usually find everything I need searching the forums.

I have not seen much stuff about 3DTV Play so I decided to start this thread.

Does anyone use the standard 3DTV Play drivers? (ie not the checkerboard mode hack)
Can you use stereoscopic 3D in windowed applications?
I tried it for the 14 free days and wanted to play emulators (PCSX2, nullDC, Dolphin) in 3D.
But only Dolphin seems to offer "true" fullscreen, so it is the only one that runs in stereoscopic 3D.

All the other emus seem to use a fake fullscreen mode that is not activating 3DTV Play.

Any help?