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08-13-03, 08:19 PM
I hope that someone can assist me with no problem, I have Nvidia ti 4200/64 card fitted from new, machine is running winxpsp1 from new,512 ram. The drivers installed when I received the machine was 29.11 the nvidia control panel had the gld3d tabs missing.

I have used all the time nvhardware to get around the problem re gl and d3d, and have a happily upgraded as new drivers have come along now running 44.03, now Nividia have released 45.24 and when I installed them the tab called nview display mode is now missing which does not allow me to make colour/contrast etc adjustment,also the box attional properties has also always been greyed out.

I have tried the following re the new drivers(45.24) to try and get them to install with the display mode tab being available,

use Driver cleaner ver 1.9, deleted the entries of Nvidia cor in registry, delete the entry in add/remove, I have try singluarly or combination.

Everytime I do xp decovers the card and installs the 29.11 drivers from c:\windows\system32\reinstall area, and I have to then install the new drivers but it will not show tabs mentioned above.

Can anyone help me, could it be Dell have written something or as its an OEM card some features were deleted but that does not explain the missing tab for colour correction etc with the latest drivers, if I go and buy a retail nvidia card will I have the same issues and waste monies.

If anyone can help that would be wonderful if there is no help available to my problem OK.

Tony Miller

08-13-03, 10:26 PM
I've got a Dell 8250 and I've never had any problems with mine. The one I got had a Geforce4 Mx in it, but I replaced it with a Geforce3. Worked great untill the 3 died. :(