View Full Version : Crysis 2 digial download for $22.26 with promo code !

07-12-11, 08:33 PM
Go to the ea store put the digital download version in your cart and use promo code c287ddpcef and enjoy the full game for 22.26. It is 59.99 everywhere else. Suprising how much you can save doing a web search for promo codes before you buy. Found it in some obscure forum.

You can use paypal, cards etc...

With the dx11 update being free it seems worth if for the eyecandy at least.

I was shocked it worked ! Just bought it 5 minutes ago.

07-12-11, 08:44 PM
saw that facebook promotion this morning, good deal EA. ill hold off til i can max it out tho

07-13-11, 10:13 AM
Invalid promo code. But it is on sale for $40.