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07-16-11, 06:46 PM
1st for Rollo and Slawter, you must be shaking your head wondering "why would you downgrade from a 1366 intel ee cpu to a amd 6 core along with mb and ram". well, there were persons in my life that were playing a guilty conscience into me to the point I didn't even want to own a pc anymore. When I sold the gigabyte ud9 mb, 980x cpu and 24gb of ram I got just enough money to buy a amd cpu, mb and ram. That's how bad it was. In other words, they made me feel that I shouldn't feel good about what I own and put their needs 1st. One of the two doing this was my brother and the other was my friends fioncee who was living at my house with my friend. I couldn't even feel rewarded for what I bought even to treat myself.
But now one is out of my life (the friend's fioncee) and my brother has come about a 180 and is supporting me now. So, as you can tell, I am coming into a big chunk of cash and want to flex the cc and debit a bit. No, I don't want to go sandy bridge unless 2 nf200 chips are put on one of snb's boards. I didn't realize it until now but snb has 18 lanes of pci-e? Because the p8p67 ws has a nf200 chip on it to make 32 lanes meaning 14 added lanes. What I am getting at is I am going back to 1366 where you get at least 36 lanes without nf200 chips. Yes, my 990fx has 42 lanes but the distribution is crap. And not just that but with my xfi champ, I can't use the i/o panel because the mb can't supply enough power for it but enough for the card. And when I use the headphone and mic jacks on the i/o panel, snap crackle pop! So,even though I could wait until oct for bulldozer, I would rather power house my system with the following choices:

cpu: i7 990x new($999 cdn at newegg.ca) or i7 970 new ($549 cdn)
mb: evga 4 way sli brand new (350 cdn at tigerdirect.ca) or asus p6t7 ws supercomputer new ($325 cdn at amazon.ca)(need the 7 pci-e slots)
(the only alternatives here would be the gigabyte g1.assassin that would eliminate the need for my xfi and killer 2100 or the asus rampage 3 extreme black edition because it can populate 8gb strips for 48gb of ram)
ram: g.skill ddr-3 24gb ripjaws ram set new (192 cdn at newegg.ca)(compatible with evga 4 way sli)

and I would get a usb 3.0 card (20 from newegg.ca) for my supertalent raiddrive.

the only other cost would be my local pc shop flashing the bios on either the evga or asus p6t7 boards for six core support. I am ready for that cost though.I would like some input here on the choices.

PS. I also have considered the plain i7-980 also but no one has made bios upgrades for it yet.

07-19-11, 01:31 PM
well, I got the 1st piece of the hardware I wanted, the evga 4 way sli mb brand new from tigerdirect. Got for $435 cdn with taxes and shipping. almost had the ram but I need the cash I am waiting on to get that and the rest of the parts. Had to go evga with the lifetime warranty.

07-24-11, 09:09 AM
got the other pieces. Got a i7 980 vanilla (non extreme) cpu for $615cdn b4 taxes from Canada Computers. Got a 24gb ram g.skill 1600mhz ram set from the egg for $237 w/taxes and shipping. Got my usb 3.0 card from Canada Computers for $40 w/taxes. Also got a fourth vertex 3 120gb from Canada Computers for $302 w/taxes and shipping. Now I have to wait for the ram and ssd to come. And then to sell off the amd mb, cpu and ram. Getting about $3-400 for the parts.