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07-20-11, 05:40 PM
Now this is interesting. VI Technologies Inc (http://www.vitechnologies.ca/) is working on an AI engine that can navigate destructible environments as they are changed in real time. So when the physics or destruction in a game changes the placement of physics based objects the AI detects this and can navigate around it in real time. Hard to explain but the video is pretty self explanatory and gives good examples pretty cool stuff. Check out the video below and the VI Technologies website here (http://www.vitechnologies.ca/).

VI-Navigator: AI and Destructible Environment:

This movie demonstrates how VI-Navigator leverages the power of a physic engine (PhysX in this case) to compute AI and animation information every frame with a fairly low and continuous CPU requirement. This demo show case the runtime computation of the navigation surface and terrain information in a dynamic obstacles environment. No pre-computed information or tool was used. All the terrain information is shared across all agents and additional characters would only require additional rendering computation. The integration of VI-Navigator into any physic engine or destructible environment technology is extremely easy and based on the implementation of a single function. Runtime computation of terrain information is the future of real time simulation; the lack of tool and pipeline requirements speeds up the production process and reduces dramatically the production cost.

From VI Techologies (http://www.vitechnologies.ca/).

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