View Full Version : The Witcher 2 Patch 1.3 With Better Stereoscopic 3D Support

07-21-11, 09:00 AM

The long-awaited patch version 1.3 for the game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is now available for download and it comes with some new features that should‚??ve been there right from the start as well as improved stereoscopic 3D Support for 3D Vision users. Below are the two things from the release notes of the new patch related to gamers using 3D Vision:

- Issues with nVidia 3D Vision technology have been resolved. Players no longer need to uninstall the related drivers.
- Assorted improvements have been made in the game‚??s 3D Vision, SLI and Crossfire functionality.

You can read the full list of 50 points that the new patch 1.5 covers ‚?? bug fixes, new features, game improvements etc on the download page linked below. And of course you are welcome to share your comments on how the game works in stereoscopic 3D mode after applying the new patch.

- You can download the 1.3 patch for the game The Witcher 2 from here‚?¶ (http://thewitcher.com/patch1-3/)

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