View Full Version : 44.03 problem with gf4 ti-4200 ?? Or not?

08-14-03, 10:50 AM
when playing games i can notice white pixels (not any other color). in some areas more than other. i also get sometimes funny looking ingame-characters (battlefield 42) with spike-like graphical weirdness drawn out from there skin or body.....

i havent overclocked or anything..... just used simple tweaking tools like tweak xp and so on....that shouldnt be the problem should it?

i also recently installed extra fan so temp is around 27 degrees in area close to card.

it could be that i overheated the card from when ive forgotten to turn fan on once....but...i mean...it should handle that shouldnt it?

Im not sure its an driver issue because ive had the detonator driver for a looong time before this happened.
And Dx 9 issue? no.... same thing there.

Some games work better than other. but weird graphical lines often get drawn across ingame-landscapes. WEIRD
BUT compared to other stuff written (about weird cards)in this forum it NEVER crashes...its just the white pixels and the graphical lines...

i think i can remember that the lines started to pop up just after i installed "Blach hawk down Delta force"

thank you for help


08-14-03, 10:59 AM
Have you tried other drivers? There are about 5 different leaked driver versions that are newer than 44.03. Go to *********.com to download and try them.