View Full Version : New EVGA GTX570. Running slow?

07-22-11, 02:03 PM
Well I got a new GTX 570 upgrading from a GTX 280 and it seems to be under performing. TF2, Duke Nuke Forever, and especially Metro 2033 don't run as smooth as they should. I'm at work right now so I don't know exactly what driver version I'm using but it is the most recent one as of a few weeks ago from Nvidia's site. I know my processor isn't cutting edge but it still is a quad core. My power supply is a good one Corsair 750. I'm questioning my mobo though. It may have a old pci express architecture? Here is a link to the specs of the mobo


btw I run games at 1920x1200. Vsync enables. AA I have down to 4x right now and AF at 8.