View Full Version : AMD Catalystâ?˘ 11.7 Windows Update Released

07-28-11, 01:40 AM

Resolved issue highlights:
- All issues experienced with mouse cursor lag have been resolved
- Log event (Event ID 62464) issues when playing video content have been resolved
- Resolves system hangs seen in the AMD Catalystâ?˘ 11.6 driver on specific HDMI and DP displays
- Bluray playback using PowerDVD 10 under High Performance mode no longer randomly displays a blank screen.
- Some Divx format files no longer display video corruption using WinDVD.
- AMD SteadyVideo is now applied to Home Video clips using WinDVD 10.
- Checkerboard corruption is no longer displayed intermittently when playing DirectX 10 titles in a Crossfire configuration and Eyefinity enabled.
- Shogun II now renders the cinematics correctly when run in various Eyefinity configurations.
- Video playback now works correctly when Hardware acceleration is enabled with VLC Player version 1.1.9.
- Crossfire now functions correctly when playing HamiltonÂ?s Great Adventure.
- PowerDVD now correctly handles 3D Bluray content.
- Portal 2 no longer displays flickering on water surface textures with Medium and Low Shader detail settings.
- Wraparound corruption is no longer displayed intermittently after exiting a 3D application.

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