View Full Version : amd 8 core prices, contest for US, Canada Residents

07-30-11, 05:55 AM

07-30-11, 07:01 AM
The $300 price tag hasn't been actually announced by AMD but it is mentioned in the official rules of the FX Giveaway contest which includes as prizes five 8-core FX chips and 100 Ruby dolls. It doesn't say what CPU model is actually the prize (it could be the FX-8150P or FX-8100) but the retail value provided still gives us a good idea of how much the upcoming chips will cost - not much when compared to Intel's LGA1366 Core i7 processors and the incoming Sandy Bridge-E chips. :headexplode:

A Ruby doll? Where's darthbeavis....:lol:

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08-02-11, 11:11 AM
Meh, I used to enter contests, but the odds are so incredibly against me that I might as well not get my hopes up.