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08-02-11, 04:47 AM
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As an online action TPS characterized by massive battles, The Penguins War takes penguins as its core characters, and enables players to act as well-known historical personages and join intense battles by use of weapons that stand for different ages. It's introduced that The Penguins War features an item system and a skill combination system, which are two major systems that support players' stimulating gamine experiences.

Additionally, in response to the saying that TPS games are much less thrilling than FPS ones, Snail Game expressed that The Penguins War's item system and skill combination system would make up for this shortcoming. In the game, players can move swiftly, and fight skillfully by hiding or clinging.

From the unveiled content, we can see that The Penguins War lays stress on the more promising and distinguishing content instead of the traditional TPS shooting elements, with a view to beefing up the game content. In some degree, The Penguins War can be said as a RPG employing the TPS-style control mode.