View Full Version : kfa2 geforce cards with multiple display ports (more than 3 displays at once)

08-04-11, 11:02 AM

08-04-11, 11:35 AM
If you read the review on Guru3d, there's severe resolution limitations with this card when using more than 2 monitors. If you want true multi display Nvidia GPU, you need to wait for Nvidia Kepler GPU.

08-04-11, 08:39 PM
well, it's better than nothing until kepler. I like when somebody works outside of the box and comes up with something that's better than spec. Kfa2 (galaxy) also innovated by making the 1st single slot fermi card (1gb gtx 460)that used vapor chamber cooling long before gtx 5xx came out. I actually had one of the gtx 460's as physx on amd 890fx mb along with a gtx 580.
I know someone has made a single slot gtx 570 too. Don't remember who though. I know it wasn't galaxy/kfa2. What did you think that nvidia would make a special chip for the 5 display card? The lower resolutions would be expected to compensate for more monitors on a 3 monitor gpu. And the card doesn't need sli either. Not too bad.