View Full Version : GA-8Idx Cmos Reset

08-15-03, 07:04 AM
Hi. A friend of mine has a problem in his bios and needs a cmos reset, There is no Jp5 and it dosent say anything in the manual about Cmos reseting.

So anyone got any ideas ?
It is a gigabyte Ga-8idx motherboard with a intel p4 2ghz.
I think the bus frequency is set wrong ...

Ill still keep searching for solutions online.
Thank you

08-15-03, 07:27 AM
Oh, never mind. I solved the problem by removing the cmos battery.
The mobo IS suposed to reset by it self after 20 seconds if it dosent post (just like my amd based mobo) but it didnt.

Darn manuals lacking info .....