View Full Version : 3D Vision Monitor Question

08-09-11, 02:46 PM
Do they make a monitor compatible with 3D Vision that supports a higher resolution than 1920x1080? Every monitor I have found only supports this resolution. I like the pixel density of my monitor (23" @ 2048x1152) and really don't want to give it up but want to get 3D Vision a shot.

08-09-11, 04:01 PM
Unfortunately not, as 3D Vision Ready monitors need to be 120Hz, and Dual Link DVI's upper bandwidth limit is ~1920x1080@120Hz (probably not exactly, but close, correct me if I am wrong). For anything above that, the monitor will have to use DisplayPort, and since most reference NVIDIA cards don't have DisplayPort, we'll probably have to wait until Kepler before we start to see 3D Vision Ready monitors with DisplayPort support and hopefully higher resolutions than 1080p.