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arkhamcity.co.uk (http://arkhamcity.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4249) a fan site dedicated to the upcoming Batman: Arkham City (http://community.batmanarkhamcity.com/) has some information about the October issue of PC Gamer that will have some detailed information about the game. Most interesting to us is that PC Gamer has confirmed that there will be Improved PhysX in Batman Arkham City. This is pretty exciting news to see PhysX going to be continued in the sequal to Batman: Arkham Asylum that features some pretty impressive PhysX features. For more information on how PhysX was implemented in Batman: Arkham Asylum check out the PhysX in Batman Arkham Asylum Full Version Comparison Video (http://www.gamephys.com/game-physics/physx-in-batman-arkham-asylum-full-version-comparison-video/) and the Batman: Arkham Asylum & PhysX Gameplay Review (http://www.gamephys.com/game-physics/batman-arkham-asylum-physx-gameplay-review/) from [H]ardOCP. Be sure to keep checking in here for more news on the PhysX and physics in Batman Arkham City (http://community.batmanarkhamcity.com/) as it becomes available.

From arkhamcity.co.uk (http://arkhamcity.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4249):

Those straying away from the purchase of the console version and deciding to give the mouse and keyboard a go will be delighted to learn the highly praised PhysX engine and DirectX 11 effects will continue to shine. Notes the writer, ‚??Even ignoring the absence of [these PC exclusives] (such as tessellation, fog, and more loose trash in the streets) ‚?? holy crap, do the console textures look poor by comparison.‚??

‚??In [the courthouse battle], the not-so-subtle PhysX enhancement causes a wooden wall to splinter as inmates are flung against it.‚??

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