View Full Version : NewEgg has a GOOd price for a LG 12x Blu-ray Burner

08-11-11, 10:15 PM
newegg.com has a 12x LG blu-ray Burner with 4mb cache for $69 with free shipping.I know it is a hit or a miss with software.But mine came with full software ,screws ,power plug and a SATA cable. last week they had the 1Tb samsung 32mb cache for just $49 and it came with hardware unuseal for oem progucts to have anything with them. ,I already have one and paid $99 when I bought it over a year ago.I bought the 10x LG around a year ago and Paid $149 and it just had 2mb of cache and it burnt everthing I thrw at it ,but lost it when my house burnt down the front melded off.


08-17-11, 01:01 AM