View Full Version : Guys, gals, really odd usb issue. You have got to read this because its weird.

08-12-11, 05:32 PM

Fresh install win 7. All drivers installed for all hardware (different versions tried for all usb devices same result).


If usb3 mybook drive is plugged in to one of the usb 3 ports there are no issues until next reboot. The drive is detected, fast and issue free and always shows up even after the issue appears. If I remove the drive my next reboot I will have no wireless usb keyboard or mouse for about 2 minutes after I hit desktop. WTF ?!?! Then , all of a sudden they start working.. The weird part..

Wired keyboard and mouse work fine from start.. Only wireless ones are affected ?!?! I switched out mouse, Kb and receivers from another pc and they had the same issue and are not even the same makes and models !!

As long as I keep the usb3 mybook drive plugged in there are no issues. Only removal of the drive causes this. I do remove the drive properly. System restore point fixes it so basically I have to do a sys restore every time I plug the drive in. I dont want hours on the drive because it goes in a fire proof safe with system images on it that are full system backups. Tried every driver I could find for the USB 3 chipset. The mobo is in an MSI GD55. I dont think it is mobo. The mouse and keyboard are fine in safe mode and bios (newer mouse driven bios) so WTf ?

Fresh installs and no fix. The drive does not cause this on other machines including one with a GD55 in it that a friend has. Same bios version... Figure this out and I will pay pal you 10 bucks. Promise.

08-13-11, 02:11 PM
No one knows. Not surprised. I disabled the USB 3 controller on the mobo and sysrestored to get it back to normal. Plug in the HD and next boot = no KB or mouse for 2 min after desktop. Weird

08-13-11, 04:32 PM
USB 3.0 is not flawless and has quite a few issues (random disconnections, USB 3.0 compatible drives working as USB 2.0 ones etc) that's why noone knows a solution to your problem.

Did you try to update the Firmware of your USB 3.0 controller ?

09-04-11, 08:55 AM
Found the fix. It was a damn service. I use Guitar Rig for for recording guitar tracks. It has a service called Nihardwareservice. Setting it to delayed start fixed the whole problem. Cant believe it was a service !!!