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09-08-02, 07:43 PM
hi all...

i'm hoping someone can maybe shed some light on something i'm overlooking. i recently installed a hercules fortissimo III 7.1 in my machine, whose motherboard is an asus a7n266-c. the card installs fine, except for the hercules game port, which is inoperable and is listed with a yellow bang (!) in device manager. the error is:

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

now... it's trying to take I/O range 0200-0207, which (see above) is apparently unavailable. the really odd thing? if i enable the onboard game port, it installs and function flawlessly, using the same driver (gameenum.sys) and the same resources (0200-0207)... eh... yeah...

i'm somewhat at a loss here as i've tried everything - two BIOS updates, two sets of drivers (one WHQL, on not), diffferent PCI slots, BIOS settings, configuring the resources manually and rebooting, clean installing XP Pro... u name it, i've tried it.

any thoughts?


09-08-02, 09:00 PM
You have stated the source of your problems and it sounds like the solution is a simple one.

The controller on your Fortissimo isnt gonna work cuz the controller on your enforce is using the the resources for it....so either you disable the nforce onboard sound (which would disable the game controller too i would think) or disable the the game controller on your mobo by itself if possible...OR just stick to the controller on your mobo....There should be an option to disable onboard sound in yer BIOS somewhere

Game controllers dont make much of a difference if they are on a sound card or if they are on a mobo...they perform the same.

Good Luck!

09-08-02, 09:34 PM
if i enable the onboard game port, it installs and function flawlessly, using the same driver (gameenum.sys) and the same resources (0200-0207)

i have disabled the onboard game port (see above quote from original post). if i enable the onboard port in the bios, the onboard port works exactly as it should, using the same exact driver and I/O resources that the herc game port apparently can't find, whether the onboard game port is enabled or not.

it makes no sense.

there is no jumper to hard-disable the game port either.

i would have no qualms using the onboard game port, but i'm trying to qualify this product (i work for a systems builder), and i can't exactly do so if it's going to leave a yellow bang in device manager (i can hear the phones ringing already). it should either work or not exist. that is my credo. i'll talk with hercules this week, but in the meanwhile, it's become a little vendetta. =)