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08-15-03, 09:19 PM
Hi all, It is my first post in this great forum. I have a geforce2/pro 64 MB DDR card. My system configuration is as follow: Intel Pentium4 2.4 GHZ-512 DDR-Gigabyte P4 Titan (Gamma) mother board- sound blaster live value- LG Flatron 775T (17 inch monitor). I tried Windows Xp (home and proff additions)

3 or 4 weeks ago the fan started to produce an annoying loud voice, but it was just a sound, at this period when i tried to play some games like (Need for speed) the computer used to hang. i stopped playing games as i was afraid the card get damaged or something. Anyway, 10 days ago or something the sound disappeared by itself and the fan looked like it was working probably and the previous games now work well and the computer doesn't hang or crashe anymore. The problem is that while playing SOME games like (Generals-Indiana Jones- Nightfire 007) some kind of annoying graphical lines with different width and long appear. These lines make me unable to see a lot of areas (the areas behind them). I suggested that is a temperature problem because of the fan but other heavy gamed like (GTA 3) works without any problems. I repeat the fan doesn't produce any sound now. If anyone has a solution for my problem i will be thankful. At least let me know if there is a temperature indidcator availble anywhere so i can know the condition of the fan. BTW, i tried all the latest detenator drivers but nothing new. I am waiting for ur replies and accept my greetings

08-15-03, 09:54 PM
You say the fan isnt making noise anymore.....lol...is it spinning?
Fans are cheap, replace it. If your games are locking up, your card is probably overheating.
Think about buying a whole new card maybe?....not that you really need to, but deals are to be had out there.
Good luck.

08-15-03, 11:03 PM
Even if the fan is still spinning, is it still spinning fast?

Sometimes when they get clogged up they'll spin slower and actually generate more heat than they dissipate by friction.

Your fan does sound like it's fried, the symptoms you're describing sounds like your GPU is overheating. I'd suggest changing the fan too. :)