View Full Version : Why would changing to an HDMI cable cause this?

08-18-11, 02:56 PM
I have a 580GTX that I have been running with the standard (white end) monitor cable for over 3 months.

Recently I bought an HDMI cable that was long enough for the run to my monitor.. Everything works fine, with one exception.. Now whenever I playback video, reducing or maximizing the screen takes like 1-3 seconds, It used to be instant pre cable swap.. My first thought was the resolution had been switched, but it hasn't.. I'm using Windows media player on Windows 7 ultimate.

Anyone have any ideas for me?

08-18-11, 07:07 PM
go back to dvi?... it's probably the scalar in the lcd.

08-23-11, 08:23 PM
since the HDMI has it own soundcard ,you may have both sound card drivers enable .make sure you have your motherboard soundcard disable.