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08-31-11, 06:30 AM
A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended our PC Gaming Press Conference last Friday at PAX. It feels damn nice to pack a room with PC gamers, and talk directly about some of the innovations, ideas, and good things happening on our platform. If you weren‚??t in Seattle last weekend, we‚??re delighted to bring you video of the full presentation. Inside this post, we‚??ve also broken out the video into timestamps for your convenience.

We‚??re really looking forward to doing this again next year in a bigger way. Obviously we don‚??t think of ourselves as the keepers of PC gaming as a platform, but if someone isn‚??t going to get on stage, gather some exciting upcoming games and say nice things about the PC, by jove, we‚??ll do it. To that end, if you have any suggestions for format, content, or who you‚??d like to see at such an event, let us know in the comments.

The PC Gaming Conference @ PAX 2011

‚??The Only Platform‚?¶‚?? video (0:00-1:28)

Logan Decker (http://twitter.com/logandecker)‚??s welcome to PC Gaming Press Conference (1:28- 4:00)

Minecraft Adventure Update
‚?Ę Markus ‚??Notch‚?? Persson (http://twitter.com/notch) and Lydia Winters (http://twitter.com/minecraftchick) on stage (4:00 ‚?? 4:54)
‚?Ę Game footage and commentary (4:55 ‚?? 10:20)

Cobalt intro from Jens Bergensten (http://twitter.com/jeb_) and Lydia (10:20 ‚?? 12:49)
‚?Ę Game footage and commentary (12:49 ‚?? 16:20)
‚?Ę Item giveaway (16:20 ‚?? 17:21)

Evan Lahti (http://twitter.com/elahti) introduces GOG.com (17:22 ‚?? 19:00)
‚?Ę Recent GOG releases: Wing Commander 1 + 2 and Dungeon Keeper 2 (19:00 -19:42)
‚?Ę Announcement of new GOG releases: Ultima I-IV and Populus (19:42 ‚?? 21:10)

Chris Comiskey (http://twitter.com/havoc06) introduces Chris Stewart (21:10 ‚?? 21:59)
‚?Ę Chris Stewart introduction and commentary for Sword of the Stars 2 (22:00 ‚?? 28:40)

Logan introduces PC Gamer Digital (28:40 ‚?? 29:39)
‚?Ę PC Gamer Digital video (29:39 ‚?? 31:33)
‚?Ę Logan talks about PC Gamer Digital (31:33 ‚?? 34:14)

Logan introduces Min Kim from Nexon (http://www.nexon.net) (34:15 ‚?? 37:45)
‚?Ę Nexon‚??s Dragon Nest trailer (37:47 ‚?? 39:05)

Josh Augustine (http://twitter.com/jaugustine) introduces Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes (https://wrathofheroes.warhammeronline.com/) (39:05 ‚?? 40:40)
‚?Ę Warhammer trailer (40:40 ‚?? 41:40)

Josh introduces Firefall (http://www.firefallthegame.com) (41:40 ‚?? 42:23)
‚?Ę Firefall trailer (42:23 ‚?? 44:01)

Evan introduces Paradox Interactive‚??s Mattias Lilja (http://twitter.com/mattias_paradox) (44:01 ‚?? 44:30)
‚?Ę Mattias announces Warlock: Master of the Arcane (44:30 ‚?? 46:12)
‚?Ę Warlock trailer (46:12 ‚?? 47:05)

Evan introduces Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (http://www.heroesofstalingrad.com/) (46:12 ‚?? 47:52)
‚?Ę Red Orchestra 2 gameplay footage (47:52 ‚?? 49:14)

Evan introduces Hawken (http://www.hawkengame.com/) (49:15 ‚?? 50:14)
‚?Ę Hawken gameplay footage (50:14 ‚?? 52:37)

Logan‚??s thank you to attendees (52:38 ‚?? 54:37)

Special thanks to our helpful Enforcers in the Unicorn Theatre, all of our presenters and participants, to David Coffman at Penny Arcade for his constant help, and to Future Studios for recording the presentation.

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