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09-02-11, 07:40 PM

At the IFA trade show LG is all about 3D technology and even their theme is ā??DO IT ALL IN 3Dā??, however one of the interesting features they are demonstrating seems to be getting less attention that in deserves (LG are probably a bit to blame for that as they are not releasing a lot of details about it yet). Iā??m talking about LGā??s Dual Play feature that they are showing with a racing game and Xbox 360 console ā?? essentially using the 3D features of the LG Cinema 3D TVs to show two different views in 2D to two persons playing a game in multiplayer mode. This probably already reminds you about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3D monitor and the SimulView technology (http://3dvision-blog.com/new-information-about-sonys-playstation-3d-display-cech-zed1/) it will have to allow pretty much the same thing on LGā??s 3D TV sets and Xbox 360 consoles. The approach however is a bit different for these two, since Sony uses active shutter glasses and LG passive, although they both rely on the 3D capabilities of the displays. And the end result is a nice to have extra feature that Sony will initially support on the PlayStation 3 console and the PlayStation 3D monitor only and it may require extra optimizations to ensure compatibility with specific games. With the LG implementation demonstrated on an Xbox 360 console the end result should be pretty much the same, although the quality may be a bit lower as compared to the active solution that Sony will provideā?¦


The Dual Play feature has to turn a split screen multiplayer game into two separate views each of them seen only by the first or the second player, but not just any game that has split-screen multiplayer mode will do. Have in mind that each player must wear passive glasses with matching polarizing filters, so instead of the left and right filters with different polarization that are typically found in each pair of glasses, each player will wear a pair with either two left or two right lenses getting the same image with both eyes. And you can get to use that extra feature without actually having to get anything special, you can even swap the lenses on two pairs of normal polarized glasses that you got with the LG Cinema 3D HDTV and get the required Left/Left and Right/Right pairs of glasses. Then all you have to do is activate a gameā??s multiplayer mode (compatible with that function) that will split the screen in two and then set the TV to use this Dual Play function. You may think that it should also work by just manually activating the Top/Bottom or Side by Side 3D input and you will get two different views for each player, but you are forgetting that for this to work you need to send squashed frame output and with multiplayer split screen you get the full frame that is just cropped to fit your part of the screen, meaning that if you try to do that you will get a distorted frame. So if you thought that this extra function would be possible on all passive 3D HDTVs, then you will have to think again as things are not that simple as they may seem. But weā??ll have to wait a bit more until LG releases more details about which of their 3D HDTVs will support the Dual Play functions and what other requirements will be there besides the more specific glassesā?¦

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