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09-06-11, 05:35 PM
If you haven't heard BMS 4.0 Released over the long weekend. Most don't know about it because it's been underground for some time now. In the last 2 years there has been a few rumored videos flying around youtube showing off some of the new features. The main one being a new graphics engine. Falcon 4 is now a DX9 game that features real time lighting HDR Bloom and ****pit shadows Ala Cliffs of Dover and DCS A10. It also sports a brand new clickable 3D pit will full 6DOF support.

One of many new features is a completely rewritten online code. One of my many dreams was to get a handful of people playing in the Campaign mode. For years most have used Tactical Engagement Mode which is great for a well designed mission but you just can't bet the immersion factor of the campaign.

Links are Fixed!

You will need the original Falcon 4 Disk to install the game but it doesn't use any of the files from it. Allied Force doesn't work.


Here is a pretty kick butt demo showing off some of the new features.


Another nice one...


09-06-11, 06:44 PM

First off, the links to the Youtube videos dont' work. I'm getting messages about malformed URL or something like that. If you go to the website in the first link, scroll down and you will find a YouTube video there. Looks freaking good.

Talking about a game that came out WAY before it's time. Where similar games (such as its predecessor, Falcon 3.0) had scripted missions and such, this game introduced what was referred as a dynamic battlefield (if I recall the term correctly...). Basically, AI was used to create a dynamic, fluid battle experience. In other similar games, when you played a mission basically the exact same things would happen every time you played. Example: you reach a certain point, two migs would be launched against you, each time. In Falcon 4.0, if you played the same thing over then the result and game play could be quite different. In fact, if you aborted the mission or failed, it may not even be possible to go back and replay!! And the F16 Simulation part was awesome. Between the simulation aspect of the game, the AI and the graphics which were way ahead of its time, most machines couldn't come close to playing it in all of its glory. To this day, practically every air combat simulator can learn a LOT from this game.

Unfortunately, the original release of the game had numerious bugs in it. A patch was released. It was to little, to late. Between the fact no computer could come close to playing it in all of its glory and the numerous bugs, future development (which included additional bug fixes and its sequal, Falcon 5) were cancelled. Ultimately, this game caused Microprose, the developer, to go into Bankruptcy.

There are several games which didn't make it when they should've. However, I truly believe this game, in all of computer games ever made and failed, is THE game that falls into the all time "it's a shame" category.

Question: if I get this mod, do I have to have the patch for Falcon 4.0 or does this mod come with it? Also, what problems will I have installing this in Win7 x64? I don't have Falcon 4.0 anymore (I threw it away like a moron...). However, I'm seeing it is for sale on Ebay. Between my personal life and some other games I want to get (such at Battlefield 3), I don't know if I have enough time for Falcon 4.0. However, for a cheap thrill and some nostalgia, this can't be beat!!

09-07-11, 01:26 PM

I think you would be partially correct on a couple of your items. The original game took over 4 years to develop and Microprosed forced them to release the product early. Sound familiar? Anyways the game was released and several patches followed which brought the game up to version 1.08. Falcon got pretty good ratings from the magazines at the time. Soon after the team was disbanned and someone released the source code on the internet.

I will spare you the next 10 years modifications that were done by various groups of which BMS is one of them. The list of changes is simply incredible.

Here is the History of Falcon 4 and all the different groups that made changes. It's a PDF.


For this Mod you will need to have the original disk as it looks for the original exe then the patch will install correctly. It doesn't use anything from the original game.

It installs and runs flawlessly on Win 7 64 Bit. If running Nvidia stay away from the newer 280.XX drivers. It doesn't like them so much.

09-07-11, 05:03 PM
Thanks for the info. I'm tempted to give this a shot. Hey, it's only $5 or so on Ebay. If I don't play for whatever reason, I'm not out all that much.

Thanks again!

10-17-11, 11:35 AM
SimHQ.com has posted a very nice write up on Benchmarksims BMS 4.32. The article covers most of the highlights of the new version of F4.

There is an excellent video that shows off many of the new features.