View Full Version : 45.23 detonators crash in Xp - fine in 2k

08-18-03, 04:05 AM
Apologies if this gets long...

I have recently 'upgraded' to XP Home from 2k professional. I have been running the Nvidia 45.23 in Win 2k just fine, but now with exactly the same system i have problems in XP.

The symptoms are as follows:

The system will start *really* slowly, and then eventually (after 5 mins or so) XP will start, then immediately go to a blue screen with an error about the card going into an infinite loop. It then restarts, same problem.

In order to use any games etc, I am running the 44.03 drivers, which work ok, but crash some games. The drivers that came with the card (40.04 - ancient), now don't work in XP like they did in 2k. They crash Halflife and others after 5 mins play.

I have tried going to Hercules for help but they aren't being co-operative.
Microsoft say it's Hercules' problem, and Nvidia don't want to know at all.

My specs are as follows:

Asus A7V133 MB
917mb RAM
Hercules 3d Prophet Ti500
Seagate Cheetah X15 HD
Athlon 1333mhz
Win XP Home w/SP1 (fully updated-with all hot fixes)

(nothing overclocked/tweaked).

If anyone could provide any insight at all it would be much appreciated. All i know is that I didn't have this problem in 2k and now all of a sudden my graphics card is a hunk of unreliable junk! :(

Thanks in advance!

**edit: forgot to mention i am running DirectX 9b, and all games have latest patches etc...

08-18-03, 06:50 AM
Did you do a clean install of XP or install it on top of 2000? Doing the latter is a big no-no. I also noticed you're running DirectX9b, try reformatting and using DX9a. I've heard people have had issues with 9b.

08-18-03, 06:59 AM
Thanks for the swift response!

To answer your question, yes, I completely re-formatted in NTFS format before doing a clean install. (I only bought XP about a week ago). I don't trust windows enough to do an upgrade install. :)

If all else fails, I will try re-installing and using only DirectX 9a. I'd be keen to try and find a way out now though, as I spent a night re-installing everything before trying any of my games out (stupid me).