View Full Version : Dance Flair ‚?? The Moscow Streets Breakdance Stereo 3D Video

09-22-11, 11:00 AM

Here is an interesting stereoscopic 3D video showing some Russian style breakdancing in 3D shot by 3D2010.ru (http://3d2010.ru/), and the video is available with both 50 fps and 25 fps versions, although I‚??d recommend you to take a look at the 50 fps version. The video is in Over/Under format, with half vertical resolution and the Right Image Top, so don‚??t forget to set 16:9 aspect ratio when opening it. As usual your comments about the video are welcome‚?¶

- To download the 50 fps version of the breakdance 3D video‚?¶ (http://3d2010.ru/bestbreakdancemoscow50fps-ab.avi)
- To download the 25 fps version of the breakdance 3D video‚?¶ (http://3d2010.ru/bestbreakdancemoscow-lr.avi)

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