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09-25-11, 06:30 PM

An interesting and useful free tool for owners of Toshiba‚??s Qosmio F750 3D laptops (should also work on Qosmio F755, try and report that if you have one) written by Kevin Cox that allows you to change the screen mode between 2D and a few 3D options with just a keypress. The tool uses F12 by default as a hot key to switch the mode of the display and it supports: standard 2D mode, Side by Side 3D mode (Left-Right), Side by Side 3D mode (Right-Left), Interleaved 3D mode and Interleaved inverted 3D mode. You can easily change the activation key if F12 does not work well for you. The tool can be quite handy and even help you overcome some of the currently somewhat limited 3D functionality of the laptop.

- To download the Screen Mode Changer Tool for Qosmio F750/F755 3D Laptops‚?¶ (http://coxcoppes.nl/screenmodechanger/)

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