View Full Version : CD Projekt ‚??assures‚?? that 2.0 isn‚??t last Witcher 2 update, teases Witcher 3

09-26-11, 08:10 PM
The Witcher 2‚?≤s hotly anticipated 2.0 patch, perhaps its witchiest to date, is just around the corner (http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/09/23/and-in-other-pc-gaming-news-161/), but CD Projekt‚??s not letting Geralt hang up his monster-killing swords and lady-killing, well, equipment just yet. There‚??s plenty more on the way, the developer said during the Eurogamer Expo. As for precisely when it‚??s coming, well, that‚??s a bit less clear.

‚??We still have at least one big title ahead of us in The Witcher franchise,‚?? designer and writer Jan Bartkowicz told Eurogamer (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-09-25-cdp-hints-at-witcher-2-expansion-witcher-3). ‚??All I can say is ‚?? outside of when the preproduction starts and finishes ‚?? with the story team we were probably in preproduction for The Witcher 3 during making The Witcher 2.‚??

He then went on to say more than ‚??all‚?? he could say:

‚??Of course we‚??re not announcing anything. We cannot say, I cannot say ‚?? I don‚??t know if it‚??s going to be The Witcher 3 or¬*something else that covers the story, but there‚??s probably going to be some releases in the future.‚??

In the meantime, though, The Witcher 2 2.0 is hardly the incredible fantasy sequel‚??s swan song.

‚??All I can say is we‚??re planning on releasing something,‚?? Bartkowicz explained.¬*‚??[The Witcher 2.0 is] not the last update for The Witcher 2. That‚??s what I can assure you.‚??

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