View Full Version : gf3 driver problems

08-19-03, 03:57 PM
A7S333, XP 1900, bios 1006, 512 ram. windows XP, Geforce 3. Ok I am on a clean install of XP and the drivers won't install. It says that they install but when I reboot it says that they didn't install correctly. If I go into device manager and try to manualy show it where hte drivers are it finishes and then says: there was a problem installing the drivers: reason: "Access is denied" what the heck? I am admin why is it denied? pleae help I have tryed omega and other version but to no avail.

08-20-03, 04:19 PM
Try any driver version above 40. WinXP has been giving me trouble when I try to install any drivers below 40.**. Happened to me on many systems I've setup.

08-20-03, 06:05 PM
I just fixed it, there was some corrosion on the agp fingers. A nice alcohol bath for the card and some scrubbing fixed the problem.