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09-09-02, 12:26 PM
Can someone explain, the difference between 60hz and 85hz. I have tried both and they look exactly the same. I dont know if they should?

Is there any tell tale signs about it?

09-09-02, 02:32 PM
85hz means your screen displays the image 85 times per second. Has nothing to do with FPS in a game. The best way to see the difference is take a personnal video camera and point it at the monitor. At 60hz you'll see alot of flickering, at 85hz the flickering is almost gone. You may not see the flickering at 60hz with your naked eyes but its there and will start to bother you with a headache or something...

In Windows i notice a big difference between 60hz and 85hz, maybe its your monitor. If your using Win2000/XP and trying to see the Difference in Games maybe thats your problem. The Refresh rate you set in Display Properties wont change the rate being used when you enter a game. You'll need a 3rd party software like RefreshForce or NVRefreshTool.

In any case for the comfort and safety of your eyes make sure you leave it at 85hz or over. If your monitor supports it use it.

09-09-02, 02:36 PM
thanx m8

09-09-02, 02:41 PM
If you use 85Hz for a while and then go back to 60Hz it will probably look very bad. I get headaches with a 60Hz refresh rate but with 85Hz I can be on my computer all day and it does not bother me.