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10-17-11, 08:00 AM

Sony has just announced the availability of their new Vegas Pro 11 software, after the software was initially announced on September 9 during IBC 2011. The Sony Vegas Pro 11 NLE video editor was one of the first major professional packages to get support for full stereoscopic 3D workflow and Sony is continuing to improve it with every new update, as the case with the new version 11. Sony Vegas Pro offers a complete integrated stereo 3D video editing workflow without the need of use of external plugins and the new version 11 comes with extra tools to enhance and improve this 3D workflow. Here are the most interesting new things regarding the use of the software for editing stereoscopic 3D video:

2D and 3D Text Tools ‚?? Quickly create dynamic and visually stunning text animations and effects within Vegas Pro 11. Add 3D titles with the new Titler Pro from NewBlueFX, a great addition to the stereoscopic 3D workflow. Users can manipulate text down to the character level and on the X, Y, and Z axes. Stylized 2D motion can be applied to text events using the Titles and Text tool or with the improved ProType titler.

Improved NVIDIA 3D Vision Support ‚?? Users can now edit on single-display 3D computers including VAIO F Series 3D laptops and VAIO L Series All-in-One 3D desktop systems.

Vegas Pro 11 improves on its ground-breaking ‚??no transcode, no re-wrap‚?? heritage by adding native format support for stereoscopic 3D MVC and MPO files from Sony camcorders and DSLRs.

Vegas Pro 11 should now available for purchase wit Manufacturer‚??s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $699 USD, with upgrades from previous versions of Vegas Pro available for $199 USD. But at this very exact moment Sony has still not updated their website and there is also still not trial version to test the new functionality of the software, but I suppose it will happen in a few hours as well.

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