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10-23-11, 03:00 PM
Here is the stereo 3D version of the Sony Two Worlds global commercial that you migth‚??ve already seen in 2D (for the 2D version (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfMEH1sL8cQ)), and if you are interested in the making of (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu0poE1gnn4) the commercial as it sure if quite interesting to see how it was made as it is pretty much composed of computer generated graphics aside from the two characters. The production is the work of Spy Films (http://spy3d.com/) according to whom the commercial Sony ‚?? Two Worlds was initially inspired by Manoukian‚??s celebrated short film, Nuit Blanche. The film has won a number of awards for its luscious, slow motion depiction of inspiring love ‚?? including the Grand Prize at the LG Film Fest and a Golden Nica at Prix Ars.

- You can download the 3D version of the Sony Two Worlds video commercial‚?¶ (http://uploading.com/files/6cm6377m/Sony%2B3D%2B-%2BTwo%2BWorlds%2B3D%2BVersion.mp4/)

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