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10-24-11, 05:10 PM
Today we released new GeForce R285 WHQL-certified drivers just in time to play Battlefield 3.

Download GeForce 285.62 drivers from GeForce.com (http://www.geforce.com/Drivers). This driver is available for both desktop and notebook GeForce GPUs running Windows 7 or Windows Vista. GeForce 285.58 is also available today for GeForce desktop GPUs running Windows XP.

The new GeForce 285.62 driver is optimized for the final release of Battlefield 3 (http://www.geforce.com/GamesandApps/games/battlefield-3), as well as other hot games like RAGE (http://www.geforce.com/GamesandApps/games/rage) and the upcoming title Batman: Arkham City (http://www.geforce.com/GamesandApps/games/batman-arkham-city). These optimizations boost performance In Battlefield 3 by up to 11% over the latest R285 beta driver.1

You can check your PC against the game developers‚?? recommended GPU specifications here for Battlefield 3 (http://www.geforce.com/GamesandApps/games/battlefield-3/GPUAnalyzer) and here for Batman: Arkham City (http://www.geforce.com/GamesandApps/games/batman-arkham-city/GPUAnalyzer).

For more detail, refer to the release highlights on the driver download page or read the GeForce R285 article on GeForce.com (http://www.geforce.com/News/articles/nvidia-geforce-285-62-whql-drivers-released).

Enjoy these hot new games, and let us know what you think of the new drivers in the comments below.

1 Performance measured vs. GeForce 285.38 beta driver on GeForce GTX 560 Ti at 1920√?1200 (Ultra Settings).

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