View Full Version : [3dvision-blog] Asus VG278H 3D Monitor with 3D Vision 2 Ready For Testing...

10-31-11, 01:57 AM
...if you are currently considering what new 3D monitor to get, then I’d recommend you to wait a bit more...
Down in the comments section, "Bloody" the editor, offers this:
...My first subjective impressions from the Asus monitor: very bright without the glasses (2D mode), brighter image with the glasses (3D mode), slightly reduced crosstalk/ghosting, but far from gone, feels very responsive… the screen is not glossy.

The old and new 3D Vision glasses work with Lightboost and provide the same level of brightness and crosstalk, so there is no much of a difference here. Both the new and old 3D Vision glasses work the same with old 3D monitors as well, but the new glasses still have larger lenses, more comfortable design, so there is some advantage...
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Looks really good, but I'm thinking I should buy two more Planar SA2311W monitors for surround vision than to wait for this and only be able to afford 1....what would you do?

11-02-11, 08:20 AM
I'm always looking for a better 120Hz monitor, not really interested in the 3D but gaming at 120Hz with vsync off is pure bliss ;) too bad they're all TN's though.