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08-22-03, 03:16 AM
Please bear with me, but I'm new to Nvidia cards, plus slightly dumb generally :)

Anyway, my question/problem:

I was poking in around in device manager, IRQ stuff, and noticed that my obviously AGP 5900 Ultra, was listed as PCI.
I went into the bios and found that the INIT DISPLAY setting was set to PCI, not AGP, - however after changing that, it still is listed as PCI in device manager - Would this have a performance effect?
In addition, I've been told that there's some other bios settings that can have positive effects on performance... without overclocking etc?


p4 3.0ghz
GeforceFX 5900 Ultra 25gmb ram
1.5gb ddr ram
ABIT IT7-E mobo
SATA harddrive
Audiology 2
WIn XP Home edition
Directx 9.0b

08-22-03, 04:35 AM
Try installing your mainboard drivers.. You might have forgotten to install
your AGP driver..

Your card is now running in PCI compatibility mode. this can have a severe impact on performance. especially with high-end cards.

when you have a intel based chipset try downloading the Intel INF update utility from the intel site.. install it and be amazed of the performance jump

08-22-03, 05:45 AM
Cheers m8.
I couldn't find AGP drivers, or info about them on the mobo disc, but did find the INF utility. Wow that has made a big difference; one of the tech demos I couldn't run is now running and everything is definitely faster.
However the damn card is still listed as PCI in device manager - is this now an anomaly I can ignore, or does it still need sorting? Will I have to "remove" then reinstall the card for it to be seen as AGP?
thnx again

08-22-03, 12:05 PM
Don't let the device manager tell you..

go to your display properties then the settings tab
press advanced and then click the geforce tab and look at the text behind
BUS @ Adapter information.


mine is also connected to a pci-bus @ device manager. but it is the
seventh PCI bus (meaning that it is my AGP port).

if you want to check if AGP is enabled with the device manager
select view -> device on connection (may be different, because i am translating from a dutch version of windows). find ACPI Uniprocessor PC or something similar (even Standard PC). expand this until you eventually find the PCI-bus. expand Intel® 82xxx Processor to AGP Controller. if it is alright your graphics card must be hidden behind it.