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08-22-03, 06:05 AM
Hi folks still need some help I am afraid.

When I plug a tv on svideo and a monitor on the analogue port of this card using windows XP Prof I only get dual view on the Nview setup. This means that clone etc are all greyed out and I cannot change to clone mode.
(I know XP comes up in dual view but I cannot see how to change to clone etc)
If I use the TV only it is detected automatically by the card and the image goes straight to the TV from post screen to final windows window (if you see what I mean!!)

I have tried two Sony tvs with the same result. I can set up to use either the monitor or the TV but not the two together (clone)

Am I missing some thing simple (quite possible as I am new at this!)

Can any of you clever guys out there help me on this one.

Thanks for your help,


Thanks in advance for your help :confused: :confused:

08-22-03, 08:43 AM
try unchecking 'expand desktop on this monitor' @ the TV at the
windows display properties before you try enabling clone.

this can only be done when the display & tv are connected.

08-22-03, 08:43 AM
Are you using Adobe Type Manager?
Adobe Type Manager is not compatible with multiple display support. When Adobe Type Manager is installed, multiple display support is disabled.