View Full Version : Can I flash nvidia 8400gs graphic card with different brand but same model 8400gs ?

11-10-11, 07:51 PM
I have a galaxy brand nvidia 8400gs 512mb graphic card which is not booting. I have my friend graphic card which is BIG nvidia 8400gs 512mb but the company is BIG. I had tried to dump his graphic card bios and I tried to flash my card bios with it. But it gives error message something like "device ID not same".

I am new in flashing graphic card so anybody who knows and can help ???
I am using these programs to flash and edit the bios, nvflash and nbitor.
These nbitor is used to edit bios but I am new can anybody help me in editing bios???
And I am using nvflash to flash the bios.

11-11-11, 01:40 PM
yes, you can *IF* you are sure they are the same cards (same GPU, same memory types).
the command will be nvflash -i <gpunum> -4 -5 -6 <biosname.rom>

If you want more bios with the same chip (but not galaxy), try here:

Be very careful in editing your bios Why do you even need to edit anything? Know that a really BAD flash can brick your card...

11-11-11, 02:17 PM
My graphic card has no display so I thought my graphic card BIOS or the EEPROM may be corrupt. But in past I did not know about the flashing about the graphic card , I came to know only when my galaxy 8400gs 512mb got no display and I search on internet for the solution. The program nvflash requires a bios which I don't have so I search on internet but my galaxy 8400gs 512mb bios was not there. My Asus P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard can't boot with internal graphics when the galaxy graphic card is in the pci-e slot. I tried to change video configuration in motherboard bios but there is no option where I can boot only with internal graphics on motherboard. But yesterday my friend PC came for installing windows and I tried to boot my galaxy card with his motherboard it get detected in windows. So I use nvflash window and I dump my galaxy 8400gs card bios. But I don't know if the bios is good. So I download many different 8400gs 512mb BIOS from internet of different brands and force flash with nvflash. But still no display.

What is wrong with the galaxy 8400gs 512mb card?

11-14-11, 11:58 AM
depending on how you lost the display, many things could have gone wrong.
First culprit for video card destruction is heat. If your heatsink/fan was clogged with dust and grit, this could spell the end of your card (I've lost at least one like this).
Second problem is a bad overclock. If you try to push your card too hard, it could get damaged.
Last is time. Although resilient, most electronic component *WILL* eventually die. If you've had it for more than 5 years, it could just be time for a replacement. If the airflow in your case was bad, component get damaged faster.

If your card is strill under warranty, contact galaxy. If not, time to think about a replacement. You can also ask around if anyone has an unused vid card. 8400GS is not really a high end card and some of your friend may have an older card they don't use.

Good luck.

11-14-11, 12:58 PM
I want to buy a new nvidia graphic card. Which is little better than 8400gs but not expensive? But should be in my budget?

11-14-11, 05:16 PM
I want to buy a new nvidia graphic card. Which is little better than 8400gs but not expensive? But should be in my budget?

My old galaxy 8400gs is dead so I want to buy new card.
I found nvidia gt 240 card which suits my budget.
I play games like CounterStrike 1.6, Tomb raider Legends, Tomb raider Anniversary, Tomb raider Underworld and wish to play games in future like Tomb raider 2012 which is still not release.

If I buy again the galaxy 8400gs, I know this card is not meant for gaming, and I don't think that I will be happy if I buy it again because of its poor performance.

My system specs. are as follows :
Asus P5KPL-AM/PS mobo.
Intel Pentium D925 processor.
400W PSU.
2GB DDR2 666MHz RAM.
160GB HDD.