View Full Version : Sandy E vs The Beefdozer

11-14-11, 06:28 AM

Was somewhat disheartening to see the Beefdozer beat my 990X at Metro as I like Metro, but I think I'll keep the 990X and 2500K a while.

Johnny C
11-14-11, 07:09 AM
Those metro results are so close as to be considered a tie, so I wouldn't fret.

Interesting to me is simply that in actual gaming any decent processor will do. I don't game at 1024*768 so I don't give a damn what the performance at that res is. But I do care about 1920*1080 as that's what my single monitor resolution is at.

All chips provide decent frame rates at the "gaming" setting people would actually use. SNB-E looks like it will be a hit. Also...bulldozer is a fail(but we know that already)