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11-21-11, 04:00 PM

Nvidia‚??s 3D Vision is still only supported officially under Windows operating systems and with Direct3D-based games and applications in stereo 3D mode, however that does not mean you cannot use it otherwise. There are quite a few people that have tried making 3D Vision work under Linux and they‚??ve managed to succeed in replicating the communication with the 3D glasses, so you can use them with OpenGL apps in Linux. That of course does not mean you would be able to play games in stereo 3D mode under Linux, it simply means that you are able to integrate unofficial 3D Vision support in your Linux application for example. You can take a look at what Bob Somers have done by following the link below in order to understand a bit more about the communication that goes between the active shutter glasses and the PC while you use stereo 3D mode. And if you are interested yo should also check out the libnvstusb (http://sourceforge.net/projects/libnvstusb/) open-source project ‚?? a portable library for accessing the NVIDIA 3D Stereo Controller under Linux. The library comes with a simple example to give you an idea how you may be able to use it to add support for 3D Vision in your Linux projects.

- For Bob Somers information on how to use 3D Vision With OpenGL on Linux‚?¶ (http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/~rsomers/cpe572/)

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