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11-23-11, 07:30 AM

There were already a few people that complained of not being able to make their 3D Vision 2 active shutter glasses work with the new Asus VG278H 3D monitor that comes with integrated IR emitter. And apparently some units do have a hardware issue with the IR emitter itself and the problem is not software related at all. So if you have a similar problem you can get into the monitor‚??s menu and take a look at the Information menu of the display to see if your monitor also does not detect the IR emitter as connected (as in the photo above posted by milkman in the forum). If you see the red error message then there is something wrong with the emitter and it is a hardware issue and not a software one, so you should get a replacement unit as clearly you‚??ve got a defective one. Normally the Information menu should not have the red error message and then the issues of not being able to make the 3D glasses activate could be software related. So make sure to check what your Asus VG278H monitor reports as it could save you a lot of trouble‚?¶

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