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11-24-11, 01:00 PM

3D Screen Activator is the new name of the ‚??Screen Mode Changer‚?? software (http://3dvision-blog.com/screen-mode-changer-tool-for-qosmio-f750-f755-3d-laptops/) made by Kevin Cox. It is a very useful free tool that allows you to unlock the full potential of the Toshiba Qosmio F750 and F755 3D laptops that come with autostereoscopic 3D display (no 3D glasses required), but its 3D capabilities by default are quite limited. Using the 3D Screen Activator software you can switch any application in a window or in full screen into 3D mode accepting either Side by Side or Row-interleaved format. This means that you can view videos in stereo 3D mode using your favorite video player, you just need to set the application to use the right 3D mode via the 3D Screen Activator and have the 3D videos encoded in Side by Side or Interleaved format. Using this software together with the iZ3D driver or DDD‚??s TriDef 3D software you are also able to rung games in stereo 3D mode, although the video cards in these laptops from Toshiba are not the best choice for gaming, especially in stereo 3D mode. So if you have Toshiba Qosmio F750 or F755 3D laptops this software is a must. And the only thing that I‚??m missing from the old Screen Mode Changer in the new 3D Screen Activator software is the availability of a hotkey that will allow you to quickly switch back into 2D mode without having to go trough the menu of the software in the system tray, hopefully such a feature will be available in the next version.

- To download the 3D Screen Activator software for Toshiba F750/F755 3D laptops‚?¶ (http://coxcoppes.nl/3DScreenActivator/)

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