View Full Version : Thermoelectric Coolers?

08-23-03, 04:10 PM
Wondering if anyone had tried one and if so are they worth the cash?


08-23-03, 10:21 PM
Not for the performance they give. I would rather go water cooled if you want it quiet. Go Swiftech.

08-24-03, 05:50 PM
I own the cooler you linked above and am very impressed with it. Thermaltake set out to make an 'almost' silent cooling system and have definitely succeeded.

My CPU idles at around 30 degress which I don't think is bad. When the CPU gets a lot of work and I mean a LOT (DivX encoding, Gaming) the fan will spin up to a higher speed but still is NOWHERE near as loud as the stock HSF that came with my CPU. I've yet to see the CPU temp exceed 43 degrees and this is during and after approx 6 hours playing RTCW.

This was NEVER designed to be an 'aggressive' cooler, if you really need such a system then water cooled is probably what you would be looking for.

If you are just looking to swap the stock HSF then the SubZero4G is a very good cooler and is 'almost' silent when idling.

Be warned though, the control unit that plugs into a PCI slot is quite bulky and i would guess that some cases/mobos will have a problem with the front of this unit hitting any capacitors around the PCI slots. As you see from my sig i have an ABIT IC7-G mobo and there is only 1 PCI slot that this card will actually fit in.

Hope this helps :)