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11-28-11, 01:12 PM
http://www.cpu-world.com/news_2011/2011112701_Ivy_Bridge_desktop_CPU_lineup_details.h tml

11-29-11, 03:37 AM
Looking at those specs, I'm wondering if it's worth me upgrading. I'm currently running my i7 920 @ 3.6GHz very nicely. What would I actually gain by upgrading to an Ivy Bridge? I'm not going to be water cooling so probably won't want to go much over 3.6GHz anyway.

My current PC is now nearly 3 years old (graphics card is newer) and seems to be holding its own, even when compared to Ivy Bridge. I just can't remember this happening in the past - there has always been something much faster to upgrade to at the end of my usual 2-year upgrade cycle.

11-29-11, 01:14 PM
intel is stalling for a lack of competition. The only great point is that you could now get similar or slightly better perfs than your system for cheaper.
But you are right, a good overclocked socket 1366 is still quite competitive.
Moreover, unless you are doing video compressions, for gaming, those excess CPU cycles are pretty much wasted.

11-30-11, 11:27 AM
Well from the i750 to a 2500k it's about 10-15% faster ,from a 2500 to a Ivy Bridge it's another 10%, so it's faster 20%+, same number of cores, TDP of 70W, i think it's pretty good and not stalling at all.

I mean it's the typical upgrade path thing. Same as any other electronics nowaday, videocard, Ipad/Iphones etc..

12-03-11, 07:59 AM
FlakMagnet, have you thought about picking up a used Gulftown for your board?