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11-30-11, 04:56 PM
Right now I have x2 ATI 5850's (bought right when the came out - switched from a 8800 at the time). I know I should have been fine considering most benchmarks say x2 5850's in Crossfire are suppose to be about the same as one 580.

- i7 2600k @ 4.5Ghz
- playing on a 32" LED TV @ 1920x1080

-I'm really sick of ATI drivers
-In Skyrim right now (which I'm playing the heck out of), I have it set to Ultra with a few tweaks and a few texture mods to make it look better. I love the way it looks and I want to play it looking that way. The problem is, I had to disable one of the 5850's because the game overall performs better with Crossfire off right now. Now where I'm at is a frame rate that fluctuates between 30fps and the 60fps vsync cap. At times it stays around 50, but dips in the 40's and hits 30fps every so often. It also doesn't feel very smooth.

What I'm mulling over right now is going to Frys for lunch tomorrow and getting a 580. I'm addicted to the stupid Skyrim right now and I want to play it looking nice. Of course this means I'll be blowing $500 to get basically the same graphics performance minus a lot of headaches. I wouldn't mind getting PhysX back and I use a lot of video editors where I would get a CUDA benefit as well. But, of course Kelper is maybe 4 months away.

I'm on the fence on this one bad. If I got the 580 now, I don't see a problem in skipping the Kelper generation (as in - what would I need more GPU power for really - ultra settings on everything for all games out now). Would I be a total retard to sell off x2 5850's right now for a 580 (considering I really want to play Skyrim looking good right now)?

Also, considering I'm playing at 1920x1080 and might keep a 580 through the whole Kelper generation, would it be worth it to spend the extra $100 on the 3GB version of the 580? I've been reading a lot on the subject, but I can't really pin down if it is or not. I'm leaning towards it not being worth an extra $100.


12-06-11, 03:35 PM
IMO if you can run SLI then I would get a Pair of GTX 560Ti ,they would be faster then a single GTX580 by up to 40 FPS in some games .But really since it is so close to the new HD 7000 and Geforce GTX 600 {Kepler }, I would wait for them since the Geforce is supposed to be two to three times faster then the 500 series.Since it will be build on a TSMC 28 nm fabrication and supposed to have 1024 CUDA cores.But the rummor mill don't have the fastest keplers coming out until the end of 2012.I would have a look at the 448 GTX 560Ti since you can find then in some places as low as $279 and they overclock decent and two of them would be quiet a bit faster then one GTX 580.