View Full Version : Apollo VGA GF4 MX440SE 128MB Blues...PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!

Boston Fan
08-24-03, 07:41 PM
I just purchased from NewEgg an Apollo VGA GF4 MX440SE 128MB DDR + TV card. I'm running Windows XP Professional. My computer has an Abit BE6 motherboard. When I installed the Apollo GF4 card in the 2X AGP slot
and booted up, I recieved a "No Signal" screen on my monitor and this was followed by a long "beep" from the internal pc speaker followed by three short beeps. I could not get to my boot up screen.

On my brothers advice (who is very knowledgable with pc's), I unplugged ALL from the motherboard except the bare essentials.....my Celeron 466MHz. CPU...the 320 MB. of Ram I have in my pc....and the Apollo GF4 card to see if I could at least get to my boot up screen, which I did. I then re-introduced all the major components- primary hard drive, my secondary slave hard drive, the floppy drive, my CDRom drive, my CD burner drive, my Creative Labs sound card. The new Apollo GF4 card was working all along, UNTIL I plugged in my Zoom PCI 56K modem.....then I got the dreaded "No Signal" screen on the monitor and the one long beep followed by the three short beeps. I WAS able to install the drivers for the Apollo GF4 card before trying to install my modem.

It seems the Apollo GF4 MX440SE card and my Zoom modem do not want to share the same motherboard. I went to the Abit website and downloaded the latest BIOS for my BE6 motherboard and a Flash utility. After some doing, I WAS able to update the Award BIOS. I even went to the Zoom website and downloaded the latest drivers for my modem made for Windows XP. They went in just fine. But the only way I'm able to run my computer is to slap in my older video card...a 3DFX Voodoo 3 3000.

My question to anyone is: How do I get my Apollo VGA GF4 MX440SE 128MB +TV card to run with my damn modem??? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciative!

Rick in NY State

08-24-03, 09:41 PM
Trade modems with someone and see if it's a brand specific incompatibility issue...


08-24-03, 09:42 PM
By the way, welcome to the nvnews forums :) :)

Boston Fan
08-24-03, 11:03 PM
Thanks ragejg. That was suggested by my brother and I will take BOTH his and your advice. I was just hoping that the cure was maybe even easier. Got a 56K modem to spare?:) Just kidding! Thanks for your warm welcome and response!

Rick in upstate NY