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12-07-11, 02:30 PM
NVIDIA has uploaded new portion of video tutorials, covering various aspects of APEX Destruction (http://physxinfo.com/wiki/APEX_Destruction) authoring process using PhysXLab (http://physxinfo.com/wiki/PhysXLab) tool.

First set of tutorials is explaining creation and usage of Fracture Maps ?? simple black-and-white images, that can be used to specify fracturing pattern for cut-out fracturing mode.

APEX Destruction: Fracture Maps (Part 1) ?? Photoshop

APEX Destruction: Fracture Maps (Part 2) with PhysXLab

Second set of tutorials is showcasing multi-FBX import feature. If multiple parts of one object are imported at once, PhysXLab will recognize them as ??depth 1? chunks ?? thus, it is possible to pre-fracture asset in whatever manner you need (with Voronoi fracture, for example) before using it in PhysXLab.

APEX Destruction: Multi FBX (Part 1) ?? Prep in 3dsMax

APEX Destruction: Multi FBX (Part 2) ?? with PhysXLab

Supplementary files (models, textures, etc) for APEX tutorials can be downloaded here (http://developer.nvidia.com/resources).

Previously released tutorials:

APEX Destruction authoring with PhysXLab (http://physxinfo.com/news/5944/apex-destruction-and-udk-tutorials/) (Slice Fracturing, Cut-out Fracturing)
New tutorials provide in depth view of APEX Destruction usage in UDK (http://physxinfo.com/news/6382/new-tutorials-provide-in-depth-view-of-apex-destruction-usage-in-udk/) (Fracture Materials, Form Extended Structures, Impact Damage)

More... (http://physxinfo.com/news/6955/more-physxlab-tutorials-fracture-maps-and-multi-fbx-import/)