View Full Version : Have you Tried the Glascope Stereoscope Glasses for 3D?

12-07-11, 05:10 PM
Glascope by Strange Dimension (http://strangedimension.com/glascope.html) is an interesting product that supposedly allows you to watch full color stereoscopic videos on a standard 2D monitor or TV set. The device is essentially a glasses style stereoscope with peripheral vision limiter for watching 3D videos or images in a Side by Side configuration and it is based on the principles of the first stereoscope, developed more than hundred and fifty years ago. By seeing only half of the image on the display with each eye, you essentially get a slightly different image while both images are being displayed on the same screen at the same time, and the Glascope glasses are blocking the left view from being seen with the right eye and the right view from being seen by the left eye. So each eye only sees the part of the image displayed on the screen indented for it and when the left and right images are being joined by the brain the user produces the feeling of volume in the image. The Glascope is available for $37.70 USD and is being shipped worldwide, but has any of you already tried this device? If you have tried it then you are welcome to share your feedback below, I haven‚??t personally tried it, but I‚??ve used similar products and they actually work pretty well‚?¶

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