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12-08-11, 07:00 PM
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The latest patch for the game Battlefield 3 apparently has some interesting new extras regarding the stereoscopic 3D support in the game, including new console commands allowing the users to finally tweak the convergence level. Thanks to the users Chiz and GordyMeow over at the Nvidia forums who reported the following console commands and have verified that they are workingâ?¦

The console commands are:

<blockquote>- renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale : this controls normal convergence settings (default is 1), the higher your depth setting, the lower youâ??ll be able to set this before things start splitting in the near field, like your gun. Small value increments go a long way here, I could set this to about 2 at max depth before my gun started splitting too far.
- renderdevice.stereosoldierzoomconvergencescale : this controls how much convergence for your gun and crosshairs while in ADS only. I set this value to 0 (default is 1) and RDS/Holo was accurate even for distant objects with Convergence set from 2-3 and set to MAX depth.

just hit the tilde key ` next to 1 on your keyboard and start typing â??renderâ?? and the console has a predictive input system that narrows down the cvars for you. Correct syntax is: renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale 2.4345

Once you find settings you like and want to keep, youâ??ll want to create a cfg file so your settings are loaded automatically.

- Go to your BF3.exe directory, probably something like %\\Origin Games\Battlefield 3
- Right-click, New > Text document. Name it User.cfg
- Open it up with notepad, add the two command line settings below and save:

renderdevice.stereoconvergencescale 1.6