View Full Version : Want new laptop, but which one?

08-25-03, 04:50 PM
Shipping my computer back and forth from school is putting a dent in my pocket seeing that it would cost me an equal amount to ship for the next three years from school to home as it would be to just buy a new laptop. I want to get a dell notebook because of their monthly pricing plans.
All I wanna do on this latop is PLAY GAMES. I'd like at least 2.0 GHZ a nice graphics card 4200 ti or above and at least 256 mb of SDRAM The minor extras are quality music sound DVD drive and microsoft word cap. ( standard.. i know)
My budget is under a $1000 or just a little bit above. I know the prices of notebooks have come down recently so it's probably a good time to buy one.
Any ideas?

08-28-03, 05:27 AM
You'll need to spend atleast $2,000 if you want to play games on your laptop.

08-28-03, 11:17 AM
I would advice that you go for a second hand notebook if you are determined to get a notebook below $1000. Trust me it will be freaking hard trying to find one with the config you are looking for.

The best recomendation is to go for a dell and for a config you are asking for would cost about $1500. The other alternative is to try out the new compaq which with your asking config would set you back around $1600. Remember that we also live in a world of taxes, so take that into account to.