View Full Version : SciFi Is the Most Popular MMO Genre

12-11-11, 11:11 AM

Newzoo's 2011 MMO Games Market Report shows that 36% of 39 million active MMO gamers in the US play games that have a SciFi or Space theme: 14 million in total. In European and Emerging markets, SciFi is less popular than in the US, with 27% and 26% of all MMO gamers respectively, but the number of players is still significant totaling 9.5 and 11.5 million. The key question MMO publishers are facing today is the choice between Free-To-Play (F2P) and Pay-To-Play (P2P). The majority of American SciFi MMO gamers only goes for F2P: 68% compared to 16% for P2P. The remaining 16% plays both F2P as P2P MMO games. Most F2P gamers play for free but still the absolute number of SCiFi MMO gamers spending money in F2P MMO games outnumbers the 4.5M P2P gamers.

SciFi MMO is my favorite also. Which genre of MMO do you like?

03-30-12, 05:38 AM
SCIFI is the best.

04-05-12, 02:16 AM
Wait, seriously? After everquest, UO, WoW, Warhammer, Rift, Aion, 2 final fantasys, and Lineage, sitting next to the failures that were star wars MMO and..uhmm..what else was there? Phantasy star MMO was pretty successful but it's still pretty limited in comparison.

05-12-12, 07:49 AM
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